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MB10-1200MOVABLE CLASSIFIER AND SEED CLEANER This machine assembled over a chassis with four wheels with new tires, it is composed with two feed norias, a cereal scattered which allows to have a perfect curtain, this way the air works with effectiveness. The turbine with three aspiration channels of inclined plane, which works by specific gravity and with a cyclone that collects the light impurities. The drawer with three sifters, and swinging nylon brushes for it cleaning and a blind floor which allows a second passage for the grain to leave them free of impurities. All this is complemented with a classifier of changeable sieves to calibrate in its different measures, the treated seeds.

Technical Characteristics:

-Its performance depends on the seeds conditions, varying between 80/100 sbags/hour in wheat and 90/110 bags/hour in soybean.
-Required power: electric engine 7 HP
-Explosion engine of 16 or 18 HP.
-Sifters of 1,20 x 2,00 meters.

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