Therefore, on the 1 of January
At the end of 1969, Mr Daniel O Martinovich and Mr Juan Miguel Blom, an important businessman, who was the founder and the impeller of AMBE an electric engines factory, decided to devote themselves to the manufacture of cereal cleaners machines, activity which had been done before as a seco-ndary activity of AMBE.
Therefore, on the 1 of January in 1970, Metalurgica BLOMAR was born , which one year later was in charge of Mr Daniel O Martinovich .
Throughout these 35 years, under his management, we continue being a familiar company which underwent a rapid expansion, having now a produc-tion plant situated in a property of six hectares and modern offices opened up recently.
Today in BLOMAR we continue devoting to the manufacturing of different patterns of portable and stationary clea-ner machines trying permanently to modernize and to improve the quality of our products, process in which is involved from the management to the factory, including sales, the technical office and the development.
The main purpose of all this is to ans-wer to our client’s trust here in Argen-tina and in abroad.

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