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This simple and effective machine has been manufactured to cure seeds with liquid products. It is composed of a receiver hopper, a sinfin and a hard polyethylene recipient, all assembled over a metal frame.
The material to be treated comes into the receiver hopper and immediately occurs the application of the curing liquid, the liquid falls in to the sinfin , from the hard polyethylene recipient, which is situated at the top of the metal frame. This container has a faucet to adjust the desirable amount of liquid.
The process is completed when the sinfin, which transports the material into the imburser, with an effective mixture and painted of grains. This machine is easy to carry since it can be dismantelled in a few minutes.


Technical Characteristics:

-Operative capacity: 4000 to 5000 Kg/hour.
-Required power: 2HP at 940 rpm.
-Operative capacity: 4000 to 5000 Kg/hour.
-Required power: 2HP at 940 rpm.

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